Catching up with old friends

Last weekend I few back to the old stomping grounds down in the southern part of the country to celebrate my graduating classes 20th year reunion.

I hadn’t been able to make it back for any of the prior graduation reunions due to a crazy work schedule, so I was excited to finally see some of my old pals from the football team and catch up on their lives.

The reunion was being hosted at the high school for the evening, and one thing that I truly was not expecting was the state of the art air conditioning unit that they had installed! Back in my day the only source of air conditioning was in the nurse’s office. Besides that one cooling source, you just had to pray that there was a breeze coming through the window and drink plenty of water. I can still remember all the way back during the warmer parts of the year there would always be a long line of kids who were claiming to be “sick”, when in reality all they wanted was to relax in the air conditioned room for a few minutes. Nowadays not only did they have a/c blasting in the main area of the school, but the even had a/c in the bathrooms an classrooms! What do you know, I guess a lot of things can change over a span of twenty years! The reunion ended up being a great night and I was able to catch up with old pals and reminisce about our younger days. It’s always a fun thing to head back to where you are from and I can’t wait for the next one in five years!

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