I am not an idiot!

When I walked into my house this day, I realized that my house smelled terrible, and my fiance had been mentioning it for a while, but obviously, I had been growing so used to the smell that I didn’t even realize that it was there, then i searched high and low for the smell, thinking that it was undoubtedly a plumbing problem, then however, when the night grew cooler and every one of us turned off our unit, I realized that our Heating and A/C equipment was causing that terrible smell! Immediately, I realized that I was certainly an idiot.

  • I had been using this equipment for a few years, and I had never thought to change the air filter on the unit; They were supposed to be changed or cleaned every few months, however when I pulled the air filter it, it was covered in mildew and grime, and I realized that I had been breathing in that garbage anytime I was using my unit.

I went to the store and purchased a current air filter, and I installed it into my unit; After a few hours, the house was cooler and more comfortable, and it didn’t even smell inside my house! From now on, I am going to have to try to remember to change the air filter on my unit! Since I only use that Heating and A/C equipment in the Summer, I will try to change it before I first plug it in. This way, I will never have to turn the equipment off during the day to clean it out. Also, the air that I breathe will much much cleaner!


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