I used the equipment all the time

I don’t guess that constantly using an equipment during the year can be undoubtedly wonderful for our bodies, however for thoUnited Statesnds of years, humans have survived easily without the cooling effect of the unit.

However, with the boom of modern technology that this generation has brought us, every one of us are now able to use units to cool our house to the perfect temperature that every one of us would like, but not me! I suppose strongly that every one of us overuse units, and I also believe that our lives would benefit from a more moderate approach to

With the invention of came an increase in obesity rates and overall laziness. Who would want to go outside, where our bodies will work to regulate temperature and grow accustomed to the heat when you could just sit in a room that is perfectly cooled to you? Air conditioning promotes an indoor lifestyle, which every one of us as humans are not accustomed to. The two of us spent our entire existence as a species laboring and going outside. Also, air-conditioned air is not as healthy as pure, natural air. The air filters inside of an equipment can make you undoubtedly sick if not cleaned often, and the stale, recirculated air is not a replacement for nice, outdoor air. Air conditioning costs more than spending time outside in the shade, and it bypasses natural methods of cooling prefer dripping with sweat, resting, swimming, etc. Though I understand using units on days when heat can be dangerous, there is no reason to use an equipment in the Fall or Springtime. Moderate un-even temperatures were designed for our comfort, and they should be loved without the conveniences prefer a oil furnace or unit.

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