The website problems

I am website technician. People hire me to do an overhaul of their work websites to generate more traffic and customers. You would be surprised how many people have no tech experience or knowledge. I can’t tell you how many jobs I go into, where they started to build their business webpage on their own. I often find that no links open to the correct product, or even open at all at times! I respect the attempt, but it really hurts their business. But, then you have the company that knows its limits and gives me over to full creative control. Those are my favorite gigs! This week I am working on a local heating and air conditioning provider in town. It is one of those situations, a friend of a friend, as this is not my expertise. I agreed for the creative control piece is huge. Then, I realized the level of difficulty I was going to be faced with. I had no idea what was what when it came to heating and air conditioning. I ended up having to spend two days researching all of the apps that they were selling. I was really floored to see the amazing technology that had developed in heating and air conditioning. Who knew that something so basic could be so fascinating. I was very impressed by the many levels of energy efficiency we have reached in this type of necessity. In a time of climate change, this business was working hard to protect our environment. I really enjoyed learning more about this product.