I adjusted the unit

I hate my air conditioner with a burning passion.

I suppose care about my air conditioner is laboring taxing to thwart any type of rest that I may want or need to function in life.

I am already a fairly light sleeper, which means that it doesn’t take much to wake myself and others up and ruin my sleep. So when my air conditioner is also becoming part of the problem, it frustrates myself and others a lot. The control unit on my air conditioner doesn’t deliver myself and others an exact reading, which makes myself and others kind of upset. I never believe what temperature I am honestly setting my air conditioner at. Before I go to bed, I turn my air conditioner down to what I am hoping is a sufficient temperature at night. Halfway through the night, either one of two things will happen, however occasionally, I wake up at night and the air is truly cold. The air conditioner was set at too low of a temperature, and it becomes cold cold. My whole body is shivering, and I have to walk to the other side of my room to adjust the control unit in order to be able to sleep. However, the cold air wakes myself and others up more, which means it could take myself and others minutes to fall back asleep. Other times, I wake up and it feels care about the air conditioner isn’t even running. I am dripping with sweat, and I believe that even when I adjust my air conditioner, it will be minutes before the air conditioner is able to get it cold enough. There have only been a handful of times when the air conditioner was set at just the right temperature. I think it might be time to replace to a digital control unit to help myself and others sleep better!


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