Heating our camper for the winter

After this most recent Winter, I have come to realize that relying on aged Heating, Ventilation, and A/C technology will not work again, then i faced almost every experience that you could know of when dealing with this kind of propane oil furnace, however every one of us also have had the electricity stop finally working at random times while in the worst times possible.

Every one of us have had the pilot light stop finally working on the central oil furnace while right in the middle of the night, meaning that the both of us woke up very frigid cold. Every one of us have run out of propane for our oil furnace while in the middle of the night. Every one of us have also had weird parts fail in the oil furnace when both of us needed them the very most. That is what I get for trying to use a oil furnace that is literally older than I am, so I had to come up with a different plan for heating that would get myself and others through this next Winter, especially since I have a baby boy on the way. I have decided that I will rely primarily on electrical heating this year. Since I live in such a small house, I can use baseboard furnaces and electric fireplaces for heating the entire house. Since electrical heat is more efficient than propane heat, there will be no changes in cost. It will also be cheaper to install than buying a new propane oil furnace. In case of a widespread power outage, I have bought a small emergency propane oil furnace that will keep us moderately warm until the power comes back on. This year, I am determined to keep our new home and family nice and moderate throughout the entire Winter, without any mistakes. The only thing I have to check out is that our electric panel will handle that many heaters.

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