Impossible search for HVAC system

I had been trying to find a certain kind of space for our home in the winter, however I didn’t want a typical space heaters, I wanted a space heater that was like an HVAC system that had an air filter in it! Those kind of space heaters were pretty hard to find for sale.

I had looked all over for a space for sale that had an air filter with it. I actually wanted to find a space heater for sale that came with a HEPA air filter. I may have been reaching for the sky with that desire and wish, but I knew they had to be out there somewhere. I don’t know the deep ins and outs of heating and A/C technology, but I do think what’s good and I do know what I like. One of those things, is great air filters, and most of all, any kind of heating and A/C products that save you money on energy use! Space heaters for sure fall into that energy savings realm of things. I already had a portable space heater, but I wanted something a little more that could heat one room instead of a small space! And, I wanted the air filter to come with it to save even more money. Well, finally, I found this small mom and pop store with a space heater for sale, and guess what? It came with a HEPA air filter! I didn’t believe that was even possible! What were the chances I would get lucky like that! And, the price was actually cheap too!

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