The gift from my grandfather was actually something amazing

Have you ever gotten a gift you thought was pretty much horrible, however you ended up loving it quite a bit later? That happened to me a few years ago, on my 18th birthday when my Grandfather gave me something I had no clue in the least what to do with.

Like most 18 year olds I wasn’t thinking legitimately far ahead, plus would have preferred some money instead, or maybe a gift card, but nope, Grandfather constantly was sort of strange.

All the gifts he would give me came from the auctions he loved to go to regularly. I was a little put off by the enormous thing he dropped off at our residence, plus when he said it was a new printer I was a bit shocked. I have a printer already, however this thing was the size of an air conditioner machine. Grandfather said it was a commercial printer, used for massive print jobs for businesses. He had gone to an auction where they were selling off a ton of machines from a commercial printing service shop that had gone out of business. He knew I liked computer stuff, plus bought me this new printer, which I actually stuck in the garage! A few years later I got into art, plus realized that this printer was capable of turning my artwork into posters plus oversized prints to use as impressive wall hangings. The quality of this thing was so impressive I could even print amazing posters from screen shots off my phone! Now I manage a little roadside tent where I display hundreds of posters, plus it’s the best job I ever had thanks to that impressive printer.

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