I really enjoy corporate housing

As a kid, our parents moved around pretty much all the time and my seasoned father was a salesman, as well as on average I would say the people I was with and I moved about three times a year! If he found an enjoyable spot with a lot of sales, maybe the people I was with and I would stick around for over a year, but that was pretty rare.

I missed entire grades along the way, but at the same time I came to enjoy it very much.

The travel, never being able to tire of a location before moving on, it made a serious impression on me as well as I still transfer around just as much these days. It is a completely different world now, as well as my supervisor pays for travel as well as corporate housing, which is so much better than sleeping in the back of a van. My sales task will keep me in a town for roughly 2 to 6 months, so I typically depend on fully furnished rentals to maintain a very enjoyable living on the road. I don’t even own an apartment of my own, whenever I have time off I will just get a short term dwelling rental to hold me over until I go back out there. Most people couldn’t handle this crazy type of lifestyle, as well as maybe I couldn’t either if I had to rely on hotel rooms instead of furnished rentals. No matter where I am at, it feels sort of like a home, especially when I get upgrading to executive housing, which gives me a royal taste of how rich folks live. Temporary housing truly saves me a lot of trouble, as well as makes my time on the road so much more exciting.


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