I miss the sounds of rain

Don’t you just love listening to the doves while you lay plus care about your day coffee. I absolutely do! In fact, often times when the afternoons are in the mid sixties I will take our ipad outside to do our labor because I can lay on our front porch to care about the fresh air plus sounds of nature. All of us are fortunate to live out in the country so the two of us don’t even have much traffic that goes by the house. I can hear the numerous doves plus listen to the rustling of the trees. I am distraught when the Summer temperatures arrive plus I am deprived of that peaceful time outside. I must retreat back to our office plus labor with only the sound of the humming cooling system. Each time it kicks on a blows dry, chilly air I want to escape. Some people love the guess of fully climate controlled air; Others, need to have this because the filtration plan removes dust plus pollen so that their dust irritations don’t bother them. I can understand this plus I am blissful that I am not a single of those people. A peaceful day outside is our number one way to labor for sure, however living in the Northeast, the two of us spend much of our year trapped inside due to frosty temperatures. Winters are serious so every pick you have to care about the outdoors, in our opinion, is a welcome a single. Sporadically, I will even brave the mid fifties with a jacket of to lay outside to as long as possible! There aren’t numerous sounds then, but at least I can care about the fresh air.

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