A rough time of year

When a promotion was granted at labor to anyone willing to transfer to our current facility, I decided to take advantage of it. I had been looking for a change of pace anyway so I looked upon this as a current adventure. It was announced that our current plant would be opening around mid May so I figured that it would be a perfect time to move. The weather would still be fairly mild plus I would have time to find a locale to live before the chilly weather set in, but you see, our current plant is located along the Northeast coast plus the Wintertide there are brutal from what I understand. I have never seen snow, let alone driven in it, so I was a bit concerned about all of that. Those of us that took the promotion were sent to training classes to prepare us for our current assignments, and well, May came plus went, so did the next five weeks after that. Now it was the middle of September plus they finally said that the two of us could go to the current location. With Wintertide in full swing I couldn’t imagine packing a moving truck plus driving through those conditions. I flew up a few weeks prior to find a locale to live. I found a little home that I could rent plus our first question for the landlord was about the Heating plus Air Conditioning system. I wanted to make sure the locale had passable heat to keep meboilingduring the long Wintertide weeks. Thankfully the owners had just installed a current Heating plus Air Conditioning plan a few years ago plus it was modern plus efficient. He even showed myself and others that they had a fully programmable control unit so that I would not have to worry about decreasing it all the time.


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