My favorite season of the year

When someone asks what your favorite time of year is, there is normally a mixed reaction.

Some may say summer is their favorite season, while others complain and groan about the hot temperatures.

I must say my favorite season is fall. Summer has its advantages. I get to wear our shorts and tank tops during the summer. Overall, I feel like the summer is an opening to really show off my style, accessories, clothing, etc… The cons of summer is it’s too hot. I like being cool, especially at night while I’m sleeping, but I cannot take hot temperatures. The air is humid during the summer, which my hair to frizz. However during the summer, I do not like being too hot. Yet, I do not love being too cold inside the house. I like to set the temperature control down to seventy-two degrees, so I’m not too cold. There are pros and cons to summer. Yes, summer is the time to wear fashionable accessories and bathing suits. Also, it’s the season to drink your favorite cold beverages like water and beer etc… Summer season is also a time for holiday sales, so I spend my hard-earned money and splurge a little. I’m a teacher at a public school so I look forward to summer breaks so I can spend my time how I want to. But what I do not like about Wintertime is I dread getting out of my cool bed when it’s ninety degrees outside. I want to stay in bed wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket and binge watch our favorite TV shows.

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