Wood anniversary-getting custom made rocking chairs for my husband

My husband and I have a tradition of giving a gift that matches the anniversary year, just like people used to do in the past.

The first anniversary gift is paper, for example – and that year, I made my husband a giant scrapbook that was full of pictures of our first year of marriage.

He loved the gift! That level of creativity is my jam though, and since it is going to be our 5 year anniversary this year, I figured out what I am going to do for the wood theme! I was distraught that nothing cool could come out of wood, but you must have faith. Thankfully I have lots of faith in my ability to be a great gift giver! I simply got crafty and realized that there are custom furniture stores that work only with wood, so I have a custom furniture guy working away at these dual wooden rocking chairs for the two of us! I subtly measured my husband’s height and waist size. The custom furniture guy will also have these rocking chairs made to match our exact size for optimum comfort! I also have the guy staining the wood, so it will still match the wood around our house! The chair design the designer is putting together will have lots of intricate little details, like carved anniversary dates in the headpiece of the chairs. I am so happy to give him the wooden chairs, because I know the man loves to relax with me outside on our porch!