Damaged control unit makes myself and others want smart control unit

My beach house is usually super comfortable. Our furnace and a/c work fantastic and I’ve never had a problem, until recently. Just the other night I woke up when it was still dark out because I was chilly cold. I piled on a few more blankets and went back to sleep, not giving it much thought, until I awoke a few thirds later and was chilly again despite all of the blankets. I got up and evaluated the control unit and it said that it was 68 degrees, just what I had set it too. I knew something was wrong: either I was dying or our control unit was not working. I was leaning towards it being the control unit. I grabbed our infrared meat thermometer and evaluated the temperature of the wall next to the control unit. The thermometer read 56 degrees so I turned off our air conditioner. At first light, I called out an Heating and Air Conditioning repairman. He confirmed that our control unit was, indeed, learning wrong. I expected him to just replace it with a similar control unit to the one I had been using however then he told myself and others about smart control units. They are digital and can be controlled from our cellphone. That pick was a little bit more luxurious but I like the idea of being able to program a current control unit from our cellphone. I usually lower the temperature a little at night to sleep better and then raise it in the morning. It might be nice to have a control unit that does this automatically for me. I understand that a smart control unit can save myself and others money on our electric bill too. This makes sense since it is newer technology.


Air conditioning worker