Warm steakhouse is a real life saver

I was the coldest I have ever been last weekend.

I was going to see my dad when we suddenly decided to take his motorcycle up into the mountains, and you see, I live on the west coast in addition to winters are not honestly freezing out here…unless you go up in the mountains.

There turned out to be snow up in the mountain in addition to I was freezing cold, my overcoat did little to keep mewarmand my jeans did even less. Don’t even get me started on my hands in addition to face. My dad was just as freezing so we decided to stop at a steakhouse for a bite to eat in addition to towarmup before heading back out. The steakhouse was a lifesaver. The minute we walked through the door we were greeted with a blast ofwarmair. Not only did they appeach to have excellent central heating, they also had a roaring fireplace going in the living room. Both of us asked to be seated as close to the fireplace as possible. I hardly remember what I ordered however I ate as slowly as possible. My dad did the same. Neither a single of us wanted to go back out into the snow on the motorcycle. I ordered dessert than my dad ordered coffee. Both of us did what we could to linger in the warmth, eventually we had to leave though. The ride house was just as freezing as the ride there. When we got house we cranked up my dad’s furnace as high as it would go in addition to tried to thaw out once again.


Gas fireplace