Ruined control component makes me want smart control unit

My home is usually super comfortable. Our gas furnace as well as air conditioner component labor fantastic as well as I’ve never had a problem, until recently. Just the other evening I woke up when it was still dark out because I was freezing cold. I piled on a few more blankets as well as went back to sleep, not giving it much thought, until I awoke a few hours later as well as was freezing again despite all of the blankets. I got up as well as inspected the control component as well as it said that it was 75 degrees, just what I had set it too. I knew something was wrong: either I was dying or my control component was not working. I was leaning towards it being the control unit. I grabbed my infrared meat thermometer as well as inspected the temperature of the wall next to the control unit. The thermometer learn 56 degrees so I turned off my air conditioner. At first light, I called out an Heating as well as A/C repairman. He confirmed that my control component was, indeed, reading wrong. I expected him to just replace it with a similar control component to the a single I had been using however then he told me about smart control units. They are digital as well as can be controlled from my cellphone. That option was a little bit more extravagant however I like the plan of being able to program a new control component from my cellphone. I usually lower the temperature a little at evening to sleep better as well as then raise it in the morning. It might be nice to have a control component that does this automatically for me. I understand that a smart control component can save me cash on my electric bill too. This makes sense since it is newer technology.


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