My students want more heating

I get so hot, plus that makes me tired plus agitated

Never in a million years would I have dreamed that I would be a mentor. It is not that I did not like children, it is just that I did not have much patience for them when I was younger. I visited one of my friends classes about various years ago, plus it was then that I decided that teaching was something that I was certainly interested in. She is an awesome mentor, plus I hope to be half as great of a mentor as she. I went to school plus got a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, plus I could not be happier. I love teaching. It is my passion. I love my students like they are my own children, plus I hope they suppose how much I love them. The only issue I ever have with my students is them complaining about how cold it is in the classroom. It is usually about sixty-eight degrees in the classroom, plus it feels perfect to me. I am up moving around constantly though. Both of us do have a thermostat in our classroom, so sometimes, I turn the temperature up to seventy degrees. My students still complain though, so I make sure that they bring jackets plus jackets to class each morning. I just cannot sit when it is any warmer than seventy degrees in the classroom. I get so hot, plus that makes me tired plus agitated. It is actually better for all the people when the classroom is not too warm. My modern saying is “cool classroom, ecstatic mentor.” I guess my students are start to understand that I need the classroom to be cool in order to have a productive morning.

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