The day has finally come

After working extremely hard for four years in college it is an amazing feeling when the time finally comes that you get to hear your name called at graduation.

Most graduations are met with tons of joy and happiness as well as some emotions, but mine ended up consisting of just angry emotions due to the circumstances.

During a commencement address at my graduation a few weeks ago I started to notice that it was getting pretty warm. Immediately after that I realized that the constant drumming sound that is usually coming from the a/c unit in the gymnasium wasn’t making its familiar sound and I knew something was wrong. Fifteen minutes later as it began getting more stagnant as well as humid there were some grumbles coming from the audience. Every so often you would hear someone yell “who turned off the air conditioning”, or “why the hell is the heating on in here?”. It got so bad that the academic dean had to get on the microphone and attempt to calm everyone down in the audience. He was claiming that the industrial grade a/c unit wasn’t working at the moment but would be up and running soon. This promise never came true and the rest of the ceremony was clearly rushed by the people in charge which only led to confusion and anger in the crowd. It still felt good to graduate that day and hear my name get called, but it felt even better to get the heck out of the mob of hot and angry parents and know I don’t have to go through that process again!

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