The best method of all time

My father and I have constantly had a tradition of going fishing with each other every weekend during the summer.

We have been doing it ever since I can remember and it has been by far one of my number one things about the Summer season, it’s constantly pretty hot and humid during the Summer due to us living in the deep south, but this past Summer was one for the ages, there were several days where the temperature would reach far past 100 degrees fahrenheit and it was so hot that the news was asking for people to stay indoors until the sunshine started to set in the night and spend time outside only if you have to.

We still wanted to have our fishing time though, so my Mom and I thought of a genius plan. Instead of resting by the pond and getting hit by the extreme heat we pulled my fathers truck with the air conditioning blasting and cast our fishing poles from the window. This ensured that we were staying plenty cool while also being able to reel in and fish consistently. We weren’t sure how successful we were going to be with it but we ended up being able to catch a record number of fish that summer. It was pretty amazing to enjoy some fresh air conditioning and kneel in a comfortable seat while fishing, then unless my Mom is against it, I suppose that for the upcoming summers we will add fishing in the car with the a/c on full power to the yearly tradition.


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