This is a very nice guy

A few months ago there was a massive storm, and a few subsequent flash floods, that slammed the southern end of the state. We had a lot of refugees pass through our area, but now that things have stabilized most folks have returned to their homes. We still have a lot of extra homeless people in the area now, driven north by the storm and just staying here for good. I never give money away, but I will hire people to do my yard work and help me with projects. Last month I hired three different men to help me renovate my garage and turn it into a studio. Much to my surprise, one of them had a great deal of experience with air conditioners, which is one thing I really needed. I can do a lot of things myself, even at my age, but I never fully understood the intricacies of HVAC systems. This man told me he had worked for an HVAC contractor for several years, and although he wasn’t a certified cooling technician, he still knew his way around an AC unit. While the other guys got 10 bucks an hour to help me restore the garage, the HVAC technician got twenty five bucks an hour, and it was still a deal for me! I ended up paying him two hundred bucks, when I would have had to pay a licensed HVAC dealership ten times that amount! I asked the man if he would be willing to take A/C repair jobs for some friends of mine as well.

HVAC unit