My big family

Back when I was younger all I wanted to do was travel and live in different places all around the world.

I was also a pressing fan of studying different languages at a unquestionably young age, and I was honestly interested in using these languages to connect with all sorts of people around the world, however luckily for myself and others I was able to do just that! One of the craziest experiences I had of living in a different culture happened to myself and others when I enrolled in a foreign exchange program in middle school.

I ended up moving in with a appealing family halfway across the world for 12 weeks, and over that time I was blown away by how different it was. The thing that I found the most surprising was the lack of current luxuries they had. They didn’t have any air conditioner, and neither did anyone in the city. The way most people stays cool is by taking freezing showers and sitting outside in the shade, back at my condo we have current a/c and never go anywhere without it so it was strenuous to wrap my mind around. They also did not have any Wi-Fi, dishwasher, or even video games! It was strenuous for myself and others to adjust to this at first, however by the time I had to head back condo I was so accustomed to their way of living that I did not even want to have the a/c running in my room. I think that is what I enjoy about exploring cultures the most; No matter what preconceived ideas you have, you never feel what ways you might change for the better!



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