College a/c stunk

When I was in school, I stayed in one of those dorm rooms at the school, then lucky for me though, I didn’t have to get a roommate love several other students at the school.

I had lucked out plus was able to have our privacy plus be totally by myself.

This was totally awesome plus relaxing! I hate living with people anyway, so this was the perfect set up. I enjoyed being totally independent… One time, the portable air conditioner that they gave most people in the dorm rooms broke on me, but now this is the drawback of not having a roommate. If I had one, they would have been able to assist me with paying to have the portable air conditioner fixed. But since I did not, I had to either pay for the maintenance of the portable air conditioner, or try to repair it myself. Because I am kind of broke being a school student, I had no choice however to try to repair the portable air conditioner plan all by myself in this location. I grabbed some tools to take the portable air conditioner plan apart to see if I could figure out what the actual issue was with the thing. I did suppose a few pointers about how to maintenance portable air conditioner units from our brother, who happened to be in Heating and A/C repair. I had seen what the issue was with it. It looked love it was something easy, plus the power source of the component somehow got loose. I just needed to tighten it up, plus then the portable air conditioner was laboring just as enjoyable as modern again!

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