Dirty air filters prevent good airflow

When it comes to the efficient operation of your heating and air conditioning, good airflow is a very important factor.

  • Without good airflow, the HVAC system will constantly be struggling to give the temperatures that you want for your home.

Good airflow is one of the major problems that occur when the HVAC maintenance and care is neglected. The best thing about airflow problems is that most of the time, they are easily corrected. If you feel you have an airflow problem, the best fix is not always to call the HVAC company. Most of the time, the airflow situation can be handled by the homeowner. The main thing is to identify the airflow problem. I would recommend that first you look at the air filters. If an air filter is dirty or becomes clogged, it can block off the airflow from the furnace to the air ducts. The air filter is the first in line for the protection of your furnace. Should the blocked air filter go unnoticed, it can also cause the furnace to not work properly and even break. You can pick up the recommended air filters for your HVAC system, in most home centers. Changing the air filter is easy, but if you still have diminished airflow, you may need to have the air ducts or ductwork cleaned. You may also need some work done on the equipment if the air filters have been neglected for any length of time.