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Most of us do not know what chemical is used in our air conditioning systems, however, it won’t be too long and that will change.  That is because the U.S. Government will soon stop making the chemical, one that has been proven to be damaging to our ozone layer.  That chemical, R22, is extremely important to making your A/C work well, but it contains chlorine that is very dangerous to our environment when exposed. This change which is a vital part of the workings of an air conditioner, will likely affect you.  A/C units installed before the 2010 cutoff date most likely still use the outdated refrigerant. This chemical, available through the services of an HVAC provider, should not need to be added to your air conditioning system, unless the system has a leak, and then, it can only be obtained by a licensed HVAC technician who is trained and certified to use this chemical. As a fully trained A/C technician, I hold a license that allows me to purchase and use freon for my air conditioning repairs.  My employer, a very large air conditioning and heating company sends all of us to training to keep up with all the news and changes in the HVAC business. So when I get a call from a friend wanting me to put freon into their A/C system, it is kind of annoying. That freon is very expensive and it will only continue to increase in price, only to be phased out as quickly as the EPA can get it done.

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