How to troubleshoot a condenser

When I realized my condenser wasn’t turning on, I knew that I had to figure out why.

It was too hot outside to go without an air conditioner.

I couldn’t feel any cool air coming from the air vents. I checked to make sure the thermostat hadn’t been accidentally moved to a higher temperature. I knew that if the temperature was too high, the condenser would not turn on. I turned the thermostat down to sixty-five knowing that the air conditioner would turn on. When nothing happened this time, I had to look at a couple other items. I checked the batteries in the thermostat, knowing that if the batteries were dead, the thermostat would not be able to talk to the air conditioning so it would start working. I checked out the batteries and nothing was wrong with them. I was able to determine that there had to be a problem with the air conditioning unit. I knew it had to either be in the condenser or the motor itself was no longer working. I called the HVAc company, hoping they could come to my home quickly, since it was nearly ninety degrees outside. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was when they showed up the next day. I turned out to be the motor and they put a new motor in. Almost instantly, I could feel the cool air coming from the air vents. He has no idea how grateful I was to hear the air conditioning running again. I don’t think I could have gone another 24 hours without AC.