My thermostat and AC unit aren’t talking

When the July temperatures hit, there is nothing worse than going without air conditioning.

The thought of your air conditioning system no longer responding to the thermostat is not something you even want popping into your head. I take pride in how well I take care of my heating and air conditioning equipment. I can’t remember the last time I had forgotten to have the maintenance and inspections done. I never forget to have the air filters changed. I know what can happen when these steps are forgotten. So, when July hits and the air conditioning doesn’t work, you are desperate to find the reason for it not working. I checked my air filters to make sure nothing was wrong and I looked at my air vents and the air ducts as best I could. I did every pre-check I could think of, in order to troubleshoot my air conditioning and find out what the problem was. I knew how important the thermostat was so I even checked to make sure no one had changed the thermostat from AC to furnace. I turned the thermostat down to the lowest setting, but still the air conditioning wouldn’t turn on. I knew that it was the time of year when I couldn’t even get the HVAC technician to our home on the same day I called. When I called the HVAC company, they asked me several questions about my troubleshooting. After explaining everything I had done, the young woman on the phone asked me if I had checked the batteries in the thermostat. I changed the batteries and my air conditioning immediately came to life.


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