Our temperature preferences don’t mesh

It is a bit odd to be able to live with someone who doesn’t like the same kind of heating and AC as you do, but my wife and I somehow make it work.

My wife stands about five foot tall and I doubt if she weighs one hundred pounds.

I am over six feet tall and I weigh more than 200 pounds. People wonder how we get together to kiss, but I don’t have a problem with it. That is why they made steps. The worst part of our body differences, is even though I am a big man, I can’t stand the cold. I love to keep the thermostat up around seventy degrees during the winter and it needs to be around seventy five in the summer. I’m not happy when it gets too chilled because everything in my body begins to ache. My wife likes the AC and the furnace to be set around sixty-six all year round. She doesn’t like it when it is too warm in the house. She says she gets very uncomfortable and her skin begins to itch. Getting it cool in the bedroom isn’t a big deal. She turns the thermostat down, and I have an electric blanket to keep me warm. During the day, was the problem. Last week, I had Zone Control installed. I can go into my study and turn up the thermostat whenever I get too cold. She can have the thermostat in the rest of the house and set the AC or furnace to any temperature she likes.

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