Icing on the heat pump

Not too long ago, I was outside and I realized there was icing on the heat pump.

  • I don’t mean icing as in cakes, but icing as in shivering, cold ice.

Our winter had been extremely cold this year, and the ice and sleet had been brutal. My family and I had to use the heat pump continually and it was usually running on high. We knew this put a strain on the heat pump, but we didn’t expect to have any damage done to the heat pump. I wasn’t even sure that there was any damage done to the heat pump when I saw all of the icing on the heat pump. I had heard that it is normal for the outdoor heat pump to get a coating of ice on it when it was running so hard. My big worry was that although I usually have my maintenance done without a blink, this year, I had forgotten to have the maintenance done. The problem is that the ice was more than just a little ice and I was loathe to call the HvAC company and see if there was any damage done to my heat pump. I ended up calling the HVAC company to ask if they could come look at the heat pump, but they were extremely busy and it took them a couple days. When the HVAC tech arrived, he told me that the inside of the heat pump was also frozen. He slowly thawed the heat pump and then he did a damage check. Although there was some damage, nothing was major, which had me taking a deep breath.