Huge differences in how we like our heating

When I was a kid, we had Zone Control in our home.

No one ever worried about if we were going to be too cool or too hot in our rooms because we had our own rooms.

I think our family was very modern when it came to Zone Control, but I quickly got used to it. When my wife and I bought our home, there wasn’t any Zone Control in the house. This was the first time I realized we had such diverse tastes in the amount of HVAC we wanted. I liked having it a bit on the cooler side. When I would turn the thermostat down, I could almost see my wife’s eyes glaze over. She would get so cold that she would begin to shiver. I think it had something to do with her growing up in the south. If she were the only one home, I would come home and begin to sweat. The house would be sweltering hot because she either turned the thermostat way up or she didn’t have the air conditioning turned on. I would turn on the air conditioning and grab her a sweater to put on. At bedtime, I loved having it cold in the bedroom. She didn’t mind this too much once I bought her a personal electric blanket to keep her warm. After a couple of months, I called the HVAC company and had them install Zone Control into the house. It didn’t take long for her to choose a room that she could have all to herself. She still wears her sweater when she is in the living, but with Zone Control, she can have her heat whenever she wants.

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