The Cocktail Bar And The Comfort Of Air Conditioning

Being a piano player at the local cocktail bar is pretty nice.

I feel that I am so lucky to have landed such a wonderful job that I actually love doing, and is my main passion in life. I used to be a professional piano player in a Jazz band, but that was long ago. Today, playing in this cocktail lounge is a great musical afterlife you could say. I love the people there, I love the atmosphere, and most of all, I love the air conditioning in the summer. The air conditioning system they have running through this cocktail bar is really clean. That is the best way I can describe it. There is no air purification system, I know that for sure because I did ask once. The central air conditioning system they have just pumps out the best and most cleanest cooling. I found out that it was a pretty pricey commercial heating and air conditioning unit too. In the winter time when I am playing at this cocktail lounge, the heating is really nice too. They never keep their central heating and air conditioning system too high or too low. Everything is just right! They have the perfect temperature control. The thermostat that they have is only one. And that thermostat is set behind the manager’s office. So, the manager of the cocktail lounge is who gets to choose the temperature in the lounge. He really knows how to keep a place relaxed and all. I will be working here playing piano until I am forced to retire! That’s how much I love it at this place!

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