My camper’s air conditioning went out and it ruined our entire weekend

Last weekend was the hottest weekend of the entire year.

I have never seen temperatures this high around here and I’ve lived here for ten years.

Of course, that’s the same exact weekend that my husband decided that we needed to go camping. He rented a big RV for us to go camping with, since he knows that I absolutely refuse to camp in a tent with the bugs and the wild animals! I am a person who loves the modern conveniences of life, including air conditioning. My husband knows that I can’t survive without my A/C, and so when he rented the camper, he made sure that it had a great air conditioning system in it. My favorite part of camping is coming inside the camper after a long day of being outside in the heat! I love to rest on my bunk with the air conditioning blowing down on me. Well, as luck would have it, halfway through our camping trip, the air conditioning system in the RV completely shut down. My husband said that I probably froze it up by running it constantly from the time that we pulled into the campground. I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean, since the whole reason we got that particular RV was because of the air conditioning. He grumbled something about how normal people go camping to be in the outdoors, not in the A/C. I took that personally! Plus I was super hot and crabby, so we got in a big fight that lasted for the rest of the trip. When the camper’s air conditioning went out it ended up ruining our entire weekend.



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