The best place for me to get any work done is in my master bathroom

I know that this probably sounds a little bit strange to most people, but the very best place that I’ve found to get any work done at my house is in my master bathroom.

It’s not like I have a desk or a chair in there or anything like that, either. It’s simply that I can get some privacy in that room and the indoor air quality in there is the best in the entire house! See, we put in a new HVAC system last year and for some reason, the A/C feels the best in the bathroom. It feels like the air conditioning cools that room more than even the bedroom. I guess it’s because there are two air vents in the bathroom ceiling and there are three others placed strategically around the floor in there. I’m not exactly sure why the HVAC contractors installed so many air vents in the master bathroom, of all places, but I can tell you that I’m glad they did! Whenever it’s too hot outside, I like to come in to the dark, peace and quiet of the bathroom and then I lock the door. Sometimes I will bring my laptop in, sit down on the side of the jacuzzi tub, and work while basking in the cooling air of our new HVAC system. My husband makes fun of me for doing this and now he jokingly calls the bathroom my office. Every time he turns the air conditioning down on the thermostat, he says that he’s just making sure that the A/C is going to be running up to speed in my office.

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