I deliberate for a while

I realize that consumers tend to keep their lives pretty simple. That’s why most of us do not know what chemical is routinely used in our AC system, but, it won’t be too long plus that will change.  That is distinctly because the U.S, but government will soon stop even making the chemical, one that has been proven to be critically damaging to our ozone layer. That chemical, R22, is seriously important for us and making AC task well, but it contains chlorine that is easily dangerous to our overall environment when exposed, but this change which is a vital section of the internal workings of an AC, will likely affect you.  AC units installed anytime before the 2010 cutoff date most likely still use the aged and unsafe refrigerant. This chemical, available through the services under the supervision of an Heating plus A/C provider, should not need to be added to your AC at any point, unless the system has a leak, plus then, it can only be obtained by a well qualified and licensed Heating plus A/C serviceman who is trained plus certified already to use this chemical. As a fully trained undefined serviceman myself, I hold a license that allows myself and others to purchase plus use only freon for my air conditioning repairs.  My supervisor, who owns a easily large air conditioning plus heating contractor, regularly sends all of us to training to keep up with all the very latest and most debilitating news plus changes in the Heating plus A/C business.