It’s so freezing in my buddy's apartment

I adore going cabin to visit my dad.

He still lives in the same home that I grew up in; Even though I live a couple of minutes away now, I still care about to go cabin every few weeks to stay overnight so I can have dinner and supper with my dad.

He likes when I come cabin to visit too, even though sometimes he won’t admit it! He complains that whenever I’m there on a weekend, he has to change his digital programmable thermostat settings, and that’s because my dad is notoriouslyboilingnatured. I really think that his body temperature runs about five degrees hotter than everyone else’s. Whenever I go there to stay the night, the thermostat is usually set at sixty-four degrees, and that’s warm, for my dad’s liking! In the summertime, he likes for the interior air quality of the home to feel something care about the arctic tundra, however and he says that he doesn’t care one bit about the high bills that he has while in the Summer weeks because it all evens out for him while in the winter. I suppose that’s because while in the wintertime, my dad barely ever even turns on his heating plan at all. He leaves the thermostat set to around sixty degrees or so. That way, his gas oil furnace doesn’t have to work unquestionably hard and he doesn’t have a high heating bill. He regularly says that to someone care about him, the is much more crucial than the heating. Not to me, though! That’s why I can’t stay at his home for more than one night in a row.

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