There is trouble afoot in the HVAC

My spouse and I kept hearing this weird noise coming from the HVAC system and both of us were sure there was trouble going on with it.

I kept thinking the A/C was about to blow up.

Maybe the furnace was going to go out and there would not be any heat to keep our teenagers from cold. I called the HVAC contractor to come out and look at the HVAC. It was time to have the A/C took care of before summer, so it was a good thing that both of us were calling them. When the specialist showed up, she talked to our spouse and they went out to look at the A/C before they looked at the rest of the HVAC system. They were only outside for about more than nine fourths when they came back inside. The tech told us that the A/C component looked fine, however she did find a problem. She wanted to look at the furnace and the ductlabor before she provided us a definitive answer. She spent another fourth on the furnace and the ductlabor before coming in to tell us what was going on. She was smiling when she came back in and she said she had the answer to all of the sounds both of us had been hearing. She handed a kitten to our kid and a single to our daughter. Somehow, the kittens had been trapped inside the crawlspace and they were right up against the ductwork. It was their pawing and crying that both of us were hearing. The teenagers wanted to adopt the kittens and even though our spouse suddenly said no, I agreed first.

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