Can’t get my heating tune up since it is so cold

This is the coldest June I have ever experienced.

The weather just refuses to turn warm.

Since the beginning of October I have been using the heating equipment. I wanted to turn off the device in April, get it cleaned and switch over to AC. I think we are going to go from winter to spring and right to fall. Summer is getting skipped, no need to worry about cooling. I am more worried about my heating equipment though. It has been working so hard all year. It has never gotten a break or even cleaned. The gas fireplace I use has a glass plate. I need to remove the glass in order to clean it. The glass is like molten lava when the heater is on. When I turn off the heater, the glass stays hot for days afterwards. So I should wait to get a heating tune up until it warms up outside. The problem is this is not happening. I could not go a day without heating. I would also freeze at night without the heater. But, I know my air quality has suffered due to the dust in it. I also know the heater is running very inefficiently. There is probably a worn, rusted and abused part in the heater. What can I do? I am freezing cold and need the heater. I can’t get a HVAC contractor willing to work with that level of heat. At this point I think I am just going to hope for the heater not to die. Good weather is not coming, so my heater needs to just hang in there.


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