The concealed property always feels too cold

I live in the woods plus my whole home is shaded by trees.

When I first purchased the place I thought this was a nice thing.

I liked the method of the leaves falling plus increasing colors right by my window. I also appreciated the thought of privacy. Well, the trees have been nothing however a pain. I am constantly raking, picking up sticks plus maintaining my shrubbery. Also, the trees block myself and others from sunlight. In the Summer my home is cold cold always. The trees totally shade the home. It feels like it is 50 degrees inside my home plus outside can be in the 70s. I always want to run my heating equipment, no matter the time of year. My wife refuses to run the furnace when it isoverheatedoutside. I think both of us purchased the furnace to warm us when both of us are cold. I am cold a lot in the summer. The Summer evenings drop in temperature as well. The cold evenings make it that I have to run my heated blanket. I also don’t want to allow the cold outdoor air to come through my windows. So the same stuffy indoor air quality stays in the home all year. Heating the home is not even easy in the winter. The home is sizable plus cold cold. Getting the furnace to not leave cold spots plus rise to the ceiling is impossible too. I do save money with no AC, however the furnace makes up for those savings. I certainly should cut some trees down to get some sun access.
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