Outdoor concert HVAC

You never think what you are going to get for an outdoor concert.

I live in the north and outdoor concerts are consistently honestly optimistic.

There is no heating and air at an outdoor concert. So you are just put in the elements to survive. I have been in both harsh terrible situations for outdoor concerts. I once went to a concert that was sweltering. I was on a crowded bench with a ton of other hot people. The lack of A/C made us all sweat and stick together. It was so hot and muggy. I don’t think how the tunesians did not pass out due to the heat and no AC. They must have had cooling backstage. I think it was worse being too chilly though. I have been at a concert on a afternoon the weather decided to be chilly cold. It was in the 50s, windy and threatening rain. I was not dressed right and desperate for heating. I would have given anything even for a space gas furnace to be between our feet. The tunesians at least had overhead lights and got to move around. I just sat and shivered. How taxing is it to hook up a generator? Every outdoor concert place should have the capability of providing Heating and A/C in unique areas. I would even pay for heating and cooling if I had to. I would rather be the right temperature instead of holding a carona while in the concert. Tables with electric oil gas furnaces and overhead A/C machines would particularly do the trick. In the north, you just can’t get away with no Heating and A/C.

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