Working out with HVAC

Working out in a gym and exercising outdoors is absolutely different.

I always go outdoors for our work out.

I have several gymnastic mats that I set up in our carport. I then do our work out barefoot and on the mats. I do this all year long. In the south, the winters do get cold. I need to wear long pants and a sweatshirt the whole work out, however occasionally it rains and the moisture in the air quality makes it strenuous to breathe. On absolutely sizzling mornings, I sweat buckets even just wearing shorts and a sports bra, but no matter the weather though, I am working out, but my buddy works out exclusively in a gym; Everyday after work she goes to the gym and uses the equipment. She uses the treadmill, stepper and weight benches. The several of us had no method who was getting the better work out. I sweat a lot more in the summer, and they say shivering helps you lose weight. My buddy has all the unit though. So to test who had the better situation, the two of us switched working out in the place for a month. I worked out in the gym and it was amazing. Good equipment, quality Heating and A/C, lavatorys and water right at our fingertips. The heating and air was the largest shock to me. I never got exhausted due to the heat or sluggish due to the cold; Having temperature control is a game changer. I suppose our neighbor has a better situation. She has complained bitterly over no Heating and A/C. We haven’t weighed ourselves yet. I do know the results though.


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