Where should you live to avoid needing HVAC units?

I can’t stand the constant changes in seasons.

I can’t stand having to switch between my furnace and my air conditioning.

However, I would definitely not want to live in the South, where I will have to use my air conditioner all year to stay cool. I also don’t want to live in the far North, where I would need to use my furnace even during the Summer to stay warm. I wonder if there is a place where I would never have to worry about using HVAC units ever again. The natural climate would have to be exactly what I set my thermostat to, which is a reasonable 69 degrees. To me, this temperature is perfect, and I have to use either my furnace or my air conditioner to get it. I’ve moved to and traveled to a lot of different places, and I have never seen a location with the perfect temperature. Sometimes during the Summer, it will be nice and cool, but you will have to use your furnace in the Winter. And if it doesn’t get cold in the Winter, you can be sure that you will need your air conditioner. For those that have neither, it seems that the rainy seasons make your house feel muggy and uncomfortable. I guess that is why HVAC companies stay in business. There is not one area of the world that doesn’t need a furnace or air conditioner, so they have a business no matter where they go. Maybe I should consider a career in HVAC and save myself the hassle.

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