Who knew the heat was no friend to a pregnant woman.

I always heard horror stories about how miserable it is being pregnant: the morning sickness, the extra weight, the aches and pains, and especially the inability to stay cool with all the extra hormones and fluids.  Even still, I was beyond excited when I found out I was having a baby! I had it easy, almost no morning sickness and I was always a small girl so it took awhile for the extra weight to start showing up. I had a feeling all these ladies I’d talked to were making up stories to make their husbands feel bad for them.  I don’t blame them, it’s not easy growing a baby, but it wasn’t nearly the horror show I’d expected. My horror story happened when I was 8 months pregnant, mid-summer and our air conditioner stopped working! We tried the usual tricks and nothing was working. I never fully appreciated a well functioning air conditioner until this happened!  For three days I resorted to cooling off in the shower, standing in front of the fridge for way too long, and I even drove up to my husbands work and sat in the waiting room for hours just to have some relief from the heat! I was so excited to see our HVAC technician pull up to the house on that third day of relentless heat! In no time, he had our home feeling cool and refreshed.  I couldn’t believe the difference in my comfort and happiness! Those three days of hot, stuffy, and humid air were a wake-up call. We definitely learned the importance of having our HVAC serviced regularly.

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