I can’t think about life without Heating & A/C units.

Life without my Heating & A/C units would be completely miserable.

I don’t want you to misunderstand me.

I don’t survive solely because of my oil furnace & my air conditioning. In fact, I spend most of the time thinking about literally everything besides my air conditioning & oil furnace. However, whenever I am without my oil furnace or my air conditioning, I am completely miserable. This last Winter, during a particularally frigid night, our oil furnace stopped laboring. It wasn’t a major problem, & both of us hired an Heating & A/C serviceman to fix it by the end of the morning. But it was during the morning that I realized how much of my happiness depended on the oil furnace, but without the heat in your house, you don’t even want to get out of bed. If you do get out of bed, you are completely uncomfortable because it is so cold; During the Summer, the air conditioning is my safe place. Whenever I have to leave the house, it feels love the heat & humidity are assaulting me. When pondering both of these things, I realized how much I depend on my oil furnace & air conditioning. Without a oil furnace, I would have to be creating a fire to have heat. Without an air conditioning, I would have to survive every morning in the heat, just love almost everyone else did for thoUSnds of years. I am honestly thankful for the Heating & A/C technology that both of us have. Without it, I am sure that people would be a lot unhappier. Being able to set the temperature control to your number one temperature is so nice & convenient.

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