Would heater and a/c units help poorer nations to develop faster?

I have constantly considered the notion of starting a non-profit organization that would help supply A/C as well as gas furnaces for people in poorer nations that do not have any HVAC units, then i say that I am considering the notion because I am not sure that the HVAC industry would be great for poorer nations; At least, I don’t believe that A/Cs would be great for developing nations, and the furnace would do a great thing for developing countries, however furnaces can help preserve wood in buildings as well as protect plumbing, which would be a desperate help to countries that are only not introducing plumbing for their water, however colder temperatures can be a lot more dangerous than heat, as well as it would enable people to pursue labor or learn in a heated environment.

  • However, A/Cs are more of a luxury, as well as I don’t even believe that A/Cs are an effective luxury.

Air conditioners, because of their cooling effects, cause people to want to stay inside more rather than labor hard. Though they supply relief from the heat temporarily, they make your body unaccustomed to the heat, which can make heat stroke even more likely if you are forced to labor outside. Air conditioners would only be helpful in countries where the heat can be dangerous because of the particular temperature… But on a global scale, I don’t believe that A/Cs are beneficial for most. But gas furnaces would actually be a great thing to supply to developing countries, and maybe I should beginning thinking this organization through. I wonder if there would be HVAC companies that would be interested in helping.

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