Climate control in an old farmhouse

Growing up in an old farmhouse was certainly not the most climate controlled of environments.  No air conditioning and the heater was an oil furnace. None of that even and consistent HVAC climate control.  Fans were our best hope for cooling. Although cooling is used loosely when it comes to fans battling the heating in the summer.  I would stand under the fan just dreaming about air conditioning and how wonderful it would be to have even a window air conditioner much less an entire HVAC system.  And the winter, well, lets just say old furnaces don’t match the heating capacity of an HVAC system. Whatever heat we got in the bedrooms was whatever reached us from the furnace down stairs.  There were no HVAC duct works, only the heating that you hoped would crawl up the stairs. If the furnace went out and needed heater repair, it got cold quick. We would wait for the HVAC technician to show up in his HVAC van from the local heating and cooling business.  The HVAC technician would go down to the basement and scratch his head looking for the HVAC unit only to find the old furnace. The HVAC technician would have to break out his old furnace heater tools to repair the heating problem. He thought it was silly that we didn’t have an HVAC unit.  The HVAC technician showed us how beneficial and more efficient it would be with an HVAC system. There would be no more expensive furnace repair and we would also have the benefit of that cooling, cooling feeling that comes from an air conditioner. The HVAC technician talked us into it and I am so very happy he did.  Now we have excellent heating and cooling.

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