Working out with no A/C is so painful

The gym down the street from me has been without A/C for a few weeks now & it is genuinely painful, however at first when there was no A/C it was okay for a day or multiple, but then every one of us started to get sick when I was working out.

If you have ever been for a run outside with no A/C in sight for miles, that is what my gym feels like.

I have talked to the resident Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialist & he has said that he has a few other tasks lined up that need Heating as well as Air Conditioning repair before he gets to the gym. I can’t suppose that I am paying so much money to toil out in a gym that has no AC. I am absolutely thinking about switching gyms to try & find anywhere that cares enough to repair the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system. I guess it’s absurd that there is no AC, try & imagine what it would be like. I have talked to the director several times about the A/C & he keeps promising me that something will change, but nothing has. I am going to deliver it to more days & if the heating & cooling plan isn’t fixed I am going to cancel my membership. I already have had a few friends cancel their memberships because of the lack of AC, & I am right behind them. I guess the concern is that the owner is never present so he doesn’t see how exhausting the A/C concern is. I am surprised because the gym used to be amazing, the A/C plan is absolutely genuinely nice they even have a smart temperature control installed. There is a sauna in the gym, but the whole gym is like a sauna since there is no AC!
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