Ended lease early because there was no A/C in the unit

When I first moved into my apartment I wasn’t looking for much, so when I signed up I didn’t realize how exhausting the A/C was. It was my first time getting an apartment & I wasn’t thinking about things like Heating as well as Air Conditioning. I was too focused on finding a great price, & the was on the bottom of my list. The first night I moved in I was gettingwarmand I went over to find the temperature control, and upon looking for the temperature control I realized there wasn’t a single so I went over to the windows. In my childhood apartment every one of us had window A/C units, so I figured that might be the case with my current apartment. I saw no window A/C units & I started to search the apartment for some sign of Heating as well as Air Conditioning. After an hour of searching I realized that there was no Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan in the whole venue. I talked to the front desk agent & they told me that none of the apartments had Heating as well as Air Conditioning & that it was my responsibility to figure something out. I asked his what all the people did & he said a lot of people got portable A/C units & they would make do with that. I decided to try a portable A/C unit but the Summer was sowarmthat after a month I just couldn’t do it. I got out my lease early because there was no AC, & I told my neighbor I was looking for a current venue that absolutely had an My neighbor laughed & said that he had never heard of a venue with no AC, & I said that I hadn’t either. If you are looking for a current apartment make sure that it has AC!

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