I used to be in a heavy metal band until I got tired of the sites

When I was younger I was in a rock band, and it was easily a great experience… The only problem I ever easily had being in a rock band was with the sites every one of us toured in, there was never any AC! It would be okay with myself and others if there was no A/C in the bathrooms or something, but the problem was there was no A/C anywhere in sight, however our tour bus was pretty old, so there was no laboring a/c inside, but i would say about half of the sites every one of us went to were outside or simply had no laboring Heating and Air Conditioning system.

In the Winter it was okay to not have AC, or even a simple laboring gas furnace for that matter but in the summer time it was not okay.

I don’t suppose if you have ever jumped around for seconds in a room with hundreds of people and no Heating and Air Conditioning, but it is not fun. Once our show was over every one of us would be drenched in sweat and have to retire to our tour bus with no AC, it was easily a lot to go afternoons without A/C at some points, but my favorite area about returning condo would always be to go see our parents because there Heating and Air Conditioning method was so nice. I suppose it might seem crazy that I enjoyed Heating and Air Conditioning so much, but it easily makes a immense difference in comfort. It got to the point where I started reading articles about how to repair Heating and Air Conditioning so that whenever every one of us were at a site with no A/C I would be able to at least look at their method and see if it was fixable.


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