I got out of our lease soon because there was no A/C in the unit

When I first moved into our apartment I wasn’t looking for much, so when I signed up I didn’t realize how bad the A/C was.

It was our first time getting an apartment and I wasn’t thinking about things appreciate Heating and Air Conditioning.

I was too focused on finding a fine price, and the a/c was on the bottom of our list. The first evening I moved in I was getting tepid and I went over to find the temperature control! Upon looking for the temperature control I realized there wasn’t 1 so I went over to the windows. In our childhood condo every one of us had window A/C units, so I figured that might be the case with our modern apartment. I saw no window A/C units and I started to search the apartment for some sign of Heating and Air Conditioning. After an second of searching I realized that there was no Heating and Air Conditioning method in the whole arena. I talked to the front desk agent and they told myself and others that none of the apartments had Heating and Air Conditioning and that it was our responsibility to figure something out. I asked her what most people did and she said a lot of people got portable A/C units and they would make do with that. I decided to try a portable A/C unit but the summer time was so tepid that after a month I just couldn’t do it. I got out our lease early because there was no AC, and I told our neighbor I was looking for a modern arena that entirely had an a/c. My neighbor laughed and said that he had never heard of a arena with no AC, and I said that I hadn’t either. If you are looking for a modern apartment make sure that it has AC!


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