I hate the summer days

I have been living in the south for a few months and I can’t wait to move.

I moved down south in the Winter and I easily enjoyed it, I didn’t ever have to turn the a/c on and our bills went way down.

In our aged apartment up north our heating and cooling bill was crazy and I thought maybe I had found the solution to high Heating and Air Conditioning bills. The summer time started Last weekand I am about to go crazy, our Heating and Air Conditioning method isn’t helping myself and others at all. I can turn the A/C up as high as possible and I am still hot, which I never thought was going to happen. I barely ever used the Heating and Air Conditioning method in the Winter and I didn’t suppose how much I would be using the A/C in the summer. I talked to some of our modern friends and they told myself and others how extravagant it is to keep their A/C unit on while I was in the summer. I got a little bit scared because I was not aware that our Heating and Air Conditioning bill was going to increase in the summer. I am thinking that I will have to transport somewhere because I can’t stand to be this tepid even with the Heating and Air Conditioning method on. I figure that if I am already this tepid with the A/C on and the summer time has just begun, it will only get worse. If you are ever thinking about moving to the south you should make sure you have a easily fine A/C method or be someone that doesn’t easily like the AC. I never thought I cared about AC, but this arena has proven myself and others wrong! I didn’t suppose it could even get this tepid outside, I have a portable A/C unit that I bring with me.

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