HVAC unit waking up the baby

My husband and I had a baby about two months ago.

We are still getting used to being parents because this is our first child.

We have been trying to have a child for about a year now so we are so excited. However, we weren’t expecting life as parents to be so difficult. We don’t get to see our friends as much as we used to. We don’t get to go to the gym like we used to. So many things about being a parent has changed. One thing we have noticed is that when our baby is awake in the middle of the night, so are we. So we try to make sure that our baby is able to sleep through the night as often as possible. One thing that has kept him up is our old HVAC system. The HVAC system in our house is very old and we know we need to get it replaced, but we have been putting it off for a while. However, now that the noise from the HVAC system is keeping our baby up in the middle of the night we are going to have to get it replaced sooner than we thought we would. I really don’t want to spend that kind of money on getting the HVAC system fixed, but if it will help our baby sleep through the night we are willing to do whatever it takes. I don’t care how much it costs at this rate!


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